Every celebration is worthy of a speech!

Would you like to commemorate the special moments in your life? Weddings, birthdays and anniversaries – every celebration is worthy of a speech! When opened with the right words, a celebration gets a special touch:

Reviews and prospects, anecdotes that make you smile, moments for contemplation or exciting stories.

The celebrants of Wunder voll Zeremonien write individual speeches and ceremonies that reflect in an authentic way what is so special about your day.

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Imke Klie | © Benni Wolf

Die freie Rednerin Imke Klie

Speeches & Ceremonies

Couples that do not want to or can not get married  in church often whish to have a non-denominational ceremony in which they can say “Yes” to each other in an individual way within the circle of their loved ones.

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The birth of a child is a turning point in your lives  and a ceremony is a wonderful opportunity to give your child a special welcome into your world. Some parents wish their child to have companions and choose godparents that can be given a special task within a non-denominational ceremony.

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